The Best Ways to Get Out of Your Feelings

Yesterday was not the worst day, even after I spent a few hours wallowing in my feelings (truthfully, I’d been in my feelings for over 24 hours). I needed to process, and if the process is sometimes lengthy, there are a few things I like to do to hurry it up:


  1. Journal/Blog – see yesterday’s post. Though it didn’t quickly solve what was going on, being able to put a name to how I was feeling and why I was feeling it helped. Often you naming the thing which is bothering you can give you some power over it (probably why Harry Potter always used Voldemort’s name).
  2. Read Uplifting ArticlesElephant Journal has an extensive, incredible library of articles for anyone who lives life mindfully or is curious about what that means. I read maybe 8 or 10 pieces, varying from the link between vegetarianism and yoga to astral energies to raising mindful children.
  3. Take a Walk – When blogging yesterday didn’t quite cut it for me, I took an hour long stroll. A few things happened:
    • I accepted where and who I am in this life
    • I began to envision the type of life I’d want to live and how that life could serve my kids
    • I began to formulate a loose plan
  4. Breathe – if a yogi knows anything, it’s that we control nothing – except our breath. We breathe without thinking, but if we can turn our attention to our breath, directing it to our diaphragm and then to the lungs and then slowly releasing – it gives us the ability to refocus on this moment. We regain control of our out-of-control feelings (I’m having to teach my son this – his older sister is good at stirring up his wasps nest of emotions).
  5. Stretch – Spread your fingers and reach up through your shoulder blades, drawing your shoulders down, away from your ears. Breathe in deeply and as you exhale, fold over the tops of your thighs slowly. Or yoga. Whatevs. Getting out of your head (or heart) and into your physical body gives you the space you need to be able to readdress what’s bugging you later. Nothing needs to be handled now.


Really, being able to take my walk and assess where I want to be and how I want to get there was the most helpful. I was able to accept that though I’ve lost some people in my life, I was meant to lose them. I’ve evolved quite a bit over the past two years. Evolution and growth absolutely means that some things and people can’t come with you. It’s not their fault, nor is it yours (mine). It’s just how things are. I knew when I started this path that my whole life would change and it was scary. My life is changing still and I’m still scared of who will or won’t remain. But I want to let them go with peace and love, rather than holding on to bitter memories and righteous indignation. We know this – but now I am living it.

don’t ask me to smile today

Nearly every morning as I pass through the gate to my office, one or two (sometimes three) of the very nice security guards cajole me to flash my pearly whites. They’re jolly gents, with squishy middles and toothy grins. A hearty laugh and a wish for a good day ensues after they’ve ribbed me about my lack of smile. Sometimes I crack half-way, if only to let them feel like they’ve won this round. But today I couldn’t muster even that. Continue reading