It’s been some time since I’ve written anything here, I think. Life has changed. It’s going to continue to change.


Maybe it’s a reaction to everything that’s happened in the world but I feel the call for a career shift is even louder than before. I’ve left the military. I hate my current occupation. My mind dances towards massage therapy, yoga therapy, life coaching…everything within the realm of healing…

I am listening, trying to ensure that how I feel and what I think is the truth and not an over-reaction to the environment I’ve been embroiled in since 2011. I had a career. I made a difference in some way. I learned that the military exacerbates my severity. I learned that there is no peace in arguing. There is no winning when it is about who is right, and not what is right.

I want peace. I want love. I want light. Now it’s time to build the life I’ve been imagining. If I’ve learned anything, it is that I can have anything and everything I’ve ever dreamt of.

So, with that I’ll close down tesswritestoo in favor of creating something more magnificent, less self-serving. It has to be about you, not me.



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